Rick McAvoy Aquatics selected by Eleiko to Develop Aquatic Strength & Conditioning Training Programs for the US Navy NOFFS Program.

    Rick McAvoy Aquatics has been selected by Eleiko, one of the top Strength & Conditioning companies in the world to develop evidenced based Aquatic Strength & Conditioning Programs for the United States Navy’s  NOFFS program (Navy Operational Fitness & Fueling System), The NOFFS program was developed a decade ago to deliver training and […]

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Find Your Golf Strength in the Water

Golfers need to have muscle strength combined with flexibility for an efficient, reliable golf swing. Any weakness at any joint through any section of the motion will create a breakdown in the golf swing.  Strength training for golf is very important to help with overall performance however, certain traditional strength training techniques such as lifting […]

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Improve Golf Mobility with a Dynamic Water Warm Up

In order to complete the proper golf swing, a certain amount of muscular flexibility and joint mobility is required. If a golfer is lacking joint mobility or muscular flexibility, this will lead to increased compensation. Increased compensation leads to decreased power as well as increased risk for injury. According to a study done by TPI […]

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Use the Water to Clean Up Your Golf Swing

Over the past 30 years practicing as a physical therapist and strength and conditioning specialist, I have worked with hundreds of injured golfers in my practice. Golf is a one-sided rotational sport that can create significant muscle imbalance and injury. Older golfers usually have more time to play but they often experience greater muscle imbalance, […]

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Shed Those Holiday Pounds in Your Pool or Swim Spa

We are approaching that time of year again—the holidays.  Stores are already stocked with Halloween candy and some even with Christmas decorations! Soon it will be time to savor all those holiday meals followed by the incredible desserts. This will most likely increase our waistlines a little bit more than we would like. So in […]

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Motion is Lotion; Using Your Swim Spa for Pain Relief

Are you one of the 1.5 billion people in the world who suffer from chronic pain? If so, then maybe your swim spa can help to better manage your symptoms and improve your overall quality of life. There are numerous benefits that warm water has on reducing pain. Water is a very supportive medium and […]

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Training for Power in Your Swim Spa

  When you mention power training to the average person they primarily think about athletes performing insane movements such as jumping onto very high boxes. But Power is simply defined as the ability to move or travel with great speed or force. So power training for an athlete looks much different from that of the […]

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Using Your Swim Spa to Improve Muscle Strength

Did you know that people can lose up to 30% of their muscle strength between the ages of 50 and 70? Research suggests that from the ages of 30 to 80 years,  your back, leg, and arm strength can decrease up to 30 to 40%. Generally, people lose about 1 percent of their lean muscle […]

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Using Your Swim Spa as a Cross Trainer Machine

Cross training in your swim spa not only allows you to train harder but smarter.  The unique aquatic environment effects almost every system of your body positively. Here are a few examples The buoyancy of the water reduces impact and limits the wear and tear on your joints. This helps to decrease the risk of […]

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Seniors: Improve Your Balance Using Your Swim Spa

  Did you know: Every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall; every 19 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related morbidity and mortality among older adults. The financial toll for older adult falls is expected to increase as the population ages […]

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Arthritis Pain Relief in Your Swim Spa

Not Just Your Grandma’s Arthritis Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis. There’s a 50-50 chance that at some point in your life, you are going to develop osteoarthritis. I would not buy a lottery ticket with those odds! In OA the strong, flexible substance that cushions your joints called cartilage begins to […]

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Weight Loss Using Your Swim Spa

As you are probably aware, obesity is a major issue in the world today. A significant number of people struggle with weight management. Trying to improve physical activity and diet is a constant battle for many. An increase in body weight coupled with a sedentary lifestyle will often lead to greater health risks as well. […]

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  A Swim Spa is a significant financial investment but should also be an investment in your health. Here are some of the benefits that the water can provide that will give you a significant return on that investment. Water Training is Low Impact: The decreased weight bearing that buoyancy provides decreases the impact on your […]

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Dynamic Training in a Swim Spa

    Water is a buoyant, three-dimensional, holistic, non-momentum prone environment which is the opposite of what is found on land. For aquatic training to be effective a very different philosophy needs to be used. Training in the water is just not land based exercises put into the water.This is what many people and trainers […]

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5 Common Compensations when Incorporating Upper Body Drag Equipment

When integrating drag equipment into your clients routine there are common compensations that become evident and can be corrected with proper cueing. Grip: Most clients will tend to grip the handles of the gear too tight. This will cause increase wrist and forearm discomfort when exercising.  You may also note that their wrist position is […]

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Train in 3D, No glasses required

3-dimensional functional training has always been a major focus of mine. As a physical therapist I have to develop functional training programs for clients who need to return to work, sport and overall quality of life. My education in 3D functional training came early while I was attending the University of Connecticut. One of my […]

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Bridging the Gap Between Water and Land

Almost everyday I witness the power that water has influencing peoples lives. I see people in aquatic exercise classes smiling and feeling incredible with a freedom of movement not always experienced on land. However, when they exit the pool they are influenced by gravity and momentum which usually puts them in the same state that […]

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Aquatic Movement Screening

I have been incorporating water into my athletes’ training programs for a number of years. Now more than ever, there is significant research in the strength and conditioning journals validating the benefits of aquatic training for strength, flexibility and power to mention a few. Using the water as a movement screen is something that I […]

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