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Golf is a one-sided rotational sport which often creates significant muscle imbalances and injury. As golfers get older their muscles tend to get weaker and tighter which furthers this risk.

Did you know that 70% of all amateur golfers will suffer a golf related injury at least once in their lifetime?

Incorporating the water into your traditional golf training program can have significant benefits.

Over the past 30 years in practice I have worked with numerous golfers incorporating the water and have had tremendous results.

Here is why the water can be very beneficial in improving your golf game.

  • Water is 800x more supportive but up to 15x more resistive than air creating a very challenging yet forgiving training environment.
  • Water being a surrounding medium provides the body 360 degrees of support. This helps improve your  body awareness which assists in improving movement and preventing injury.
  • Golf is a very coordinated multiple planar sport. Water provides this 3D/multi-planar resistance automatically.
  • Water improves both dynamic flexibility and strength simultaneously helping to build balanced muscle strength and reducing injury.
  • Waters hydrostatic pressure improves circulation, muscle relaxation, recovery and reduces muscle soreness.
  • Waters properties of viscosity and drag allow for an increased challenge to improve your overall balance and coordination necessary for golf.
  • Golf is a very power driven sport. Power training in the water has been shown to be just as effective if not more effective than land based training without the added muscle soreness.
  • Water offers a different training dynamic that can help your body break through a plateau.
  • Your core is your bodies foundation for all movements and a strong core is essential for your golf game. The waters properties allow your core to become engaged much easier during training.
  • Training in the water is just more fun than land based training. If an activity is fun then people usually will stick with it.

By incorporating the water into your golf training program you will be able to play longer and stronger and reduce your likelihood for injury. 


Rick McAvoy, PT, DPT, CSCS has specialized in Aquatic Physical Therapy, Fitness and Sports Performance for over 25 years. Rick is the Owner Fluid Golf Training, a program to help golfers reduce injury, move better and swing better. 

For more information about Fluid Golf training please visit.

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