• "Quest Fitness in Kennebunk, Maine recently launched a Pre Surgical Joint Program, after working extensively with Rick McAvoy from RMA.

    Ricks involvement was crucial to the development of the program, he provided extensive exercise protocols specific to different joints, assessments to determine benchmarks at the start of the program and at the end. His oversight enabled us to deliver a first class program that was safe and exceeded the expectations of those who have taken it. By measuring outcomes based on the assessments that Rick taught us we are able to identify how much progress an individual has made plus it gives the program a greater sense of validity and value."

    Richard Evans
    Richard Evans Managing Partner, Quest Fitness
  • "I met Rick while I was working in the NFL as a Strength Coach for the Indianapolis Colts. His passion and expertise in aquatic conditioning and rehabilitation are truly unique. I appreciate his out of the box approach to aquatic training which is both functionally and evidenced based.

    After Ricks training we were able to challenge our players in the water much differently than we ever had previously."

    Jon Torine
    Jon Torine Strength Coach, Indianapolis Colts
  • “It was truly enlightening to have Rick come into our facility and give us an aquatic training using our pool and equipment. His experience and expertise in aquatic rehabilitation made the session most valuable to us. It allow us to push our players in their therapy progressions as we strive for quicker recovery/return to play."

    Graham Rynbend
    Graham Rynbend Head Athletic Trainer, Montreal Canadiens
  • "Rick is able to continually challenge our elite athletes with his unique approach of utilizing both water and land based training & conditioning. He is dedicated to keeping current on the latest research and innovative techniques, which tremendously enhances our athletes' performance."

    Peter Anderson
    Peter Anderson Men's U21 FIS Coach, Waterville Valley Academy
  • "We believe as a coaching staff it is our duty to research, educate, and exposing our players to the all the new or improved conditioning and strength building systems. We do this to encourage player participation as well as offer a challenging but fun experience, especially in the off-season.

    Last season we were challenged with a vastly improved competitive league and much smaller roster. We needed something extra to accomplish our team goal to make the playoffs, regardless. After much research we engaged Rick McAvoy at RMA.

    RMA helped us meet and exceed our goals with a truly innovate, structured, and progressive water workouts, which our team rallied around as a truly enjoyable experience.

    Measured results in strength, balance and conditioning were realized by all players directly resulting in our team success

    I strongly recommend RMA if you are looking for results."

    Al Brandano
    Al Brandano Head Coach , Portsmouth High School Clippers Hockey
  • Dr. Rick’s aquatic therapy program was a huge help in my long recovery from shoulder surgery.  After months of frustration post operation, including a very difficult bout with frozen shoulder, Rick was able to help tremendously.  It was amazing to see how my shoulder could move again once we tried all his unique exercises in the water.  After trying everything: endless traditional PT, massage and acupuncture, I would definitely say the most drastic improvement was with Rick's program.  I would highly recommend his technique to anyone.  My only regret was not finding him sooner in my long recovery.

    Sarah B
  • It has been 8 months since I last had any serious back pain.  The reason?  3 or 4 mornings each week following Dr. Rick’s prescribed exercise program in the water. I am thankful for him every morning when I get into the water.

    Jeff H
  • My personal physician of 25 years recommended Dr Rick McAvoy to help me with my chronic back pain, sciatic pain and overall stiffness. I was able to get an appointment with Dr McAvoy and had a comfortable chat about my concerns, he administered a comprehensive screening and was quick to design a work out plan in the water to improve my back and overall health and fitness. This guy knows his craft very well, has a personality to make the process enjoyable and is a stickler to detail and follow up. My Sciatica pain is gone and my back is loosening up by the day. Thanks Dr Rick!

    Paul H
  • I had been experiencing low back pain for quite some time and had tried a variety of treatment options with minimal success. I had heard about Dr. McAvoy and sought out his services. The exercises I performed in the swim spa really helped to improve my overall posture, strength, flexibility and body awareness. He provided me with a laminated exercise program that I was able to continue own my own. His dedication to my progress was evident with his frequent follow ups via text and phone calls. We met at a later date to reevaluate and progress my program. I would highly recommend his aquatic training services.

    Kay F
  • After years of enduring a back ailment, my personal physician convinced me to contact Dr. McAvoy. From the outset, Rick listened, watched and then challenged me. He developed a custom program that addressed the needs to strengthen my core, increase flexibility and, most importantly, give me the courage to stay the course. Within weeks, the progress was more than evident. As my career requires extensive travel, the discipline and aquatic exercises learned from Rick have been invaluable and easily transportable, as I move around the country. A true life-changing experience!

    Eduardo A
  • You know how in movies you see the master diamond cutter carefully gazing at the uncut stone?  And how the cutter then knows just what force to use, and at what angle, to get the precisely right cut?  That is what you get with Rick.  But he’s looking at your body. Mentally recording muscle imbalances and unconscious compensations.  Then Rick develops an aquatic program to turn the rough diamond into one more finely cut, more dynamic, easier to live with.  With grace and kindness Rick pushes you to try harder, to go beyond your comfortable boundaries.  Which is all OK because the water protects you and provides the variable resistance needed to get those muscles working just right.  Rick is not just a master of aquatic therapy.  He is THE master.

    Eric O
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