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This course is designed for personal trainers who are interested developing functional evidenced based aquatic fitness programs with an emphasis on weight loss. This program will help your clients improve overall muscle balance while losing weight.

This course will give you the essential knowledge and applied practical experience to help you create comprehensive, outcome based ,functional aquatic personal training programs to help assist clients with weight loss and overall functional mobility.


Utilize the waters properties and understand how to manipulate them to maximize client benefit and function.
Understand the effects that water has on influencing flexibility, strength, stability, power, endurance and weight loss.
Choose and utilize the most appropriate type of aquatic equipment and cue appropriately for alignment and stabilization during all instructed exercises.
Incorporate exercise progressions to keep your training sessions dynamic, challenging, fun and functional for users of all ages and fitness levels.
Be able to design, lead and cue a Hydro-Burn Program based upon the qualities, philosophies and principles learned in this course.

Course Duration: 6 hours includes both lecture and in pool sessions.

Cost: $199.00

Course approved for .6 CEU’s through



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