Fluid Golf Training is a unique water based training program designed to help golfers move better, play better and prevent injury.

For Improved Golf Performance, Just Add Water

Golf is a one-sided rotational sport.

Given the repetitive nature of the golf swing it predisposes both professional and amateur golfers to injury.


Golf can create significant muscle imbalances and injury. As we age our muscles tend to get weaker and tighter which furthers this risk for muscle imbalance and injury.


70% of all amateur golfers will suffer a golf related injury at least once in their lifetime.

WHAT does this mean for you?

Fluid golf training is the only golf training program that incorporates the water. This allows you to take advantage of waters unique properties and training opportunities that are not always possible with traditional land based golf training programs.

You will be able to focus more on foundational movements, including mobility, stability and motor control essential for optimal golf performance .

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Water is 800 times more supportive but up to 15x more resistive than air creating a very challenging and forgiving training environment.
Water is a surrounding medium and provides the body 360-degrees of support. This support helps to improve your body awareness which assists in improving movement and preventing injury.
Training in water provides 3D/ multi-planar resistance. Golf is a very coordinated multiple planar sport and because of waters surrounding nature you get this resistance automatically. On land it can sometimes be challenging for to train in 3D without significant difficulty.
The water helps to improve both dynamic flexibility and strength simultaneously. Having resistance in multiple directions builds balanced muscle strength and helps reduce your risk for injury.
Waters pressure improves circulation, muscle relaxation, recovery and decreases muscle soreness. Your heart to functions more efficiently in the water and the pressure also provides increased resistance on your chest muscles to help strengthen your breathing.
The waters properties including viscosity and drag allow for an increased challenge to improve your overall balance, agility and coordination.
Golf is a very power driven sport. Training power in the water has been shown to be just as effective if not more effective than land based training without the additional muscle soreness.
Training your body differently can help you break through a plateau and improve your golf game.
Your core is the foundation for all movements in your body. Because of the waters properties your core muscles will become engaged much easier during training.
It’s Fun: Training in the water does not really feel like you are exercising. You can’t feel yourself sweating and mentally you leave the water in a much better mood than when you got in. If an activity is fun people usually tend to stick with it.

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The Program:

The Fluid Golf Training Program addresses common muscle imbalances, dysfunctions and injuries associated with golf. This comprehensive program focuses on improving flexibility, mobility, strength, stability, rotary power, balance, coordination, endurance as well as movement patterning specific to golf.

Play Longer and Stronger

“I have the opportunity in my 30 year career to be able to work with numerous golfers who have encouraged me to package this program because of the results they had received. I want to share my knowledge with you because I believe that the power of water has tremendous benefits and can improve your golf game as well as reduce your likelihood for injury”

Dr. Rick McAvoy, PT, DPT, CSCS

WHY should you work with me?

My 30 plus years of experience in Water Training working with patients and professional athletes has allowed me to develop a unique training approach to water therapy, fitness and sports performance.

Qualifications and Certifications:

  • Physical Therapist for over 30 years


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy


  • Strength & Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength & Conditioning Association


  • Functional Movement Screen Certified


  • Certification in Applied Functional Science


  • Senior Master Certified Burdenko Method


  • Published researcher in aquatic rehabilitation and sports performance


  • Adjunct Faculty University of New Hampshire and Franklin Pierce University


  • Aquatic Consultant for NFL, NHL


  • International Presenter
Rick McAvoy Aquatics extensive work has reached global standards by breaking boundaries in Australia, New Zealand, China, Canada, UK and the United States.

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Unable to get to a Fluid Golf Training class? Contact me about a one on one live webcam training

You will leave the H20 feeling significantly better than when you get in.

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