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Water is a buoyant, three-dimensional, holistic, non-momentum prone environment which is the opposite of what is found on land. For aquatic training to be effective a very different philosophy needs to be used. Training in the water is just not land based exercises put into the water.This is what many people and trainers do not completely understand.

Because of the waters unique properties we are able to target functional movement type exercises much easier than when training on land. This functional type training helps people of all levels move better in their day to day lives.

Using a swims spas current with functional exercise can create even more of a challenge. Whether it be a propulsion system or a jetted system if used properly significant gains can be achieved.

All core all the time: Your core is the foundation for all movements in your body. Because of the waters properties your core muscles will become engaged easier during exercise to maintain proper posture. With the added resistance from the current or jets it gives you even more feedback and challenge during exercise.

Let’s take a basic walking forward motion. If I walk towards the current or jets I am getting more resistance in the front of my body. I have to use my core was well as my arm and leg muscles especially my buttocks muscles to push off and fight against the current or jets.







Now lets take the same exercise but with the current/jets pushing behind me. I have to still use my arms/legs and core muscles but now my back and leg muscles function much differently because I have to resist the current from not pushing me over.

This type of training will also help with challenge your brain in a much different way. We tend to be very patterned individuals and perform very similar activities throughout our day. When in the water both gravity and momentum are significantly reduced and your body becomes very uncoordinated. This nervous system “reset” can really help to improve your ability on land no matter what fitness level you are.

I am often asked,  if we live on the land then why train in the water? I feel that by using water training  we can create a more holistic approach and have much faster results. Water training alone does not work well unless it is combined with some sort of land based activity or training. I always like to compare water and land to Peanut Butter and Jelly. Separate they are good but when they are combined they are great!

And who doesn’t love Peanut Butter and Jelly.

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