Dynamic Training in a Swim Spa

    Water is a buoyant, three-dimensional, holistic, non-momentum prone environment which is the opposite of what is found on land. For aquatic training to be effective a very different philosophy needs to be used. Training in the water is just not land based exercises put into the water.This is what many people and trainers […]

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5 Common Compensations when Incorporating Upper Body Drag Equipment

When integrating drag equipment into your clients routine there are common compensations that become evident and can be corrected with proper cueing. Grip: Most clients will tend to grip the handles of the gear too tight. This will cause increase wrist and forearm discomfort when exercising.  You may also note that their wrist position is […]

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Train in 3D, No glasses required

3-dimensional functional training has always been a major focus of mine. As a physical therapist I have to develop functional training programs for clients who need to return to work, sport and overall quality of life. My education in 3D functional training came early while I was attending the University of Connecticut. One of my […]

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Bridging the Gap Between Water and Land

Almost everyday I witness the power that water has influencing peoples lives. I see people in aquatic exercise classes smiling and feeling incredible with a freedom of movement not always experienced on land. However, when they exit the pool they are influenced by gravity and momentum which usually puts them in the same state that […]

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Aquatic Movement Screening

I have been incorporating water into my athletes’ training programs for a number of years. Now more than ever, there is significant research in the strength and conditioning journals validating the benefits of aquatic training for strength, flexibility and power to mention a few. Using the water as a movement screen is something that I […]

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